Marc Jones, Founder, (877) 909-CITY

I use call forwarding – from our main toll free number, which gives the business more credibility. People think its a large company when they call. I think if we didnt have that image our sales would be much lower. When I cant pick up calls voicemail messages go back to my virtual office, my online account. I get message alerts, so I can get to my messages quickly. If I couldnt Id lose a lot of business.

You see, potential customers generally need a call back ASAP or they lose their nerve, because its dating, and usually never call back.

Another great feature are my special promotions messaged to callers  via special greetings, because they might not hear about certain pre-dating events otherwise. allows me to always respond quickly, or always have a vehicle to collect all my calls. I cant always be there. But Im always covered, thanks to the great system!