Make outbound calls from your control panel

Many Virtual Office customers take advantage of the “Make a call” function within their control panel.

Any Virtual Office customer/account can place calls to any number and the caller ID that the caller will see is going to be your Virtual Office phone number.

The feature is easy to use. You just login to your control panel and from your extension inbox click “Place a call”. You enter the number you wish to call and you also enter the phone you will be using to place that call from (Your cell phone? Your home phone? Your friends phone?.. basically any phone) and click “call”.
Your phone will ring and once you answer the number you wish to connect to will ring.
The called party will see your Virtual Office number (and if you have several numbers in your account you can choose which number you want to show as your caller ID).

There are several reasons to take advantage of this feature:

1. Easy way to enjoy outbound calls without purchasing a new phone line.
2. Perfect when you are not near your phone. You can use any friends phone to talk from, and still show your work number s your caller ID.
3. Hide your personal phone number(s).
4. Save on international calling cost from your personal cell phone, by making a lower cost call via your account.
5. When traveling and using a local “pay as you go” or “pre paid” phone, in many locations around the globe incoming calls are free and international calls are very expensive. Using’s “Place a call” you could be half way around the globe and make a low cost call without roaming and even without wasting your local minutes.
6. If you load your address book to your account, you will actually be able to call just the same directly from the address book, by clicking the call button near the user name in your address book.
7. There is no additional cost. The feature is standard with any Virtual Office account.

So, as you can see many reasons to enjoy such a simple service. Take advantage of it!