m.Phone.com Is An Alternative To Our Apps

Did you know that you can use Phone.com Mobile Office without the app? We have m.phone.com which is a fairly well featured browser based version of our Mobile Office app. Meaning that you can make calls, send and receive text messages, view your inbox, and initiate conference calls. This is fantastic because it gives people options. I talked to a friend recently who had an iPhone 4 and told me he loved it. I asked him what apps he had on it and said he hadn’t downloaded any because he didn’t want to “slow his phone down”. I nearly fainted. Can you imagine having an iPhone 4 and not downloading apps? Clearly there are people out there that don’t and if you’re one of them you can still use Phone.com.

There are also some mobile platforms that we don’t support YET and this gives you the option to use Phone.com. It’s just nice to have the ability to choose.

So please head out to m.phone.com and check out the website. Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter or feel free to email me as well, Jeb@Phone.com. I/we would love to hear from you.