M.I.T. To Offer Free Coursework

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Recently someone brought to my attention something world changing.  It’s not like asteroids are falling to earth world changing but it could change the many peoples lives.  Let me just get right to it.  M.I.T. the world renowned university in Massachusetts is going to start offering approximately 2,100 courses for free under the name M.I.T.x.  This may not mean much to some people but to others it’s an opportunity to get the knowledge of going to one of the best schools in the world and getting to do it for free.  

This doesn’t directly relate to Phone.com or telecommunications but I thought that there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there reading this blog that might like to take a few additional courses.  Maybe offer their employees the time off to take some classes to help them in the office.  I for one am going to check out their course catalog and will probably brush up on some topics.  

Bear in mind you can’t get a degree from this but if you pay a nominal fee (at least compared to M.I.T. tuition) you can get a certificate.  This may not mean a lot to some collage graduates but if you never got the opportunity to go to collage this could change your entire life.  It doesn’t look as good as a degree on the wall but I sure wouldn’t be ashamed to put a certificate from M.I.T. up in my office.  

This won’t launch until the Spring but keep you’re eyes open if you’re interested and good luck if you take some classes.