Lori Davis, Founder, DavisVA.com

Todays edition of “Lori Recommends” is all about Phone.coms Virtual Office. I have so many good things to say about this company, and Im not sure where to start! I suppose starting at the beginning will be helpful … I decided to make the switch from my previous 800# provider because they were charging me an additional fee each month for my vanity number, 866.611.LORI. With Phone.coms service, that additional fee is a thing of the past. Plus, Im now paying a lower monthly fee. Sweet.

The process of transferring my toll free number to Phone.com was quick, easy and most important, painless. Their support staff kept me up-to-date through the entire process, plus I didnt lose any functionality during the transfer. I also dig it that I could tell instantaneously whether my toll free number was transferable to Phone.com.

So many features for so little money each month. I wont outline those features here; instead, scamper on over and check out their Virtual Office services for yourself.

Did I mention their support staff delivers Killer Customer Care? Amazing stuff!

If youre in the market to setup your own virtual office, or make the switch from your current provider, I recommend highly Phone.com.