Logging into the Bria app for Phone.com

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Here are the basics of logging into the Bria app for Phone.com.

    1. Create a Mobile Extension in your Phone.com control panel. Then go into the settings for the new extension and click the words View Server Details that’s on the right side.
    2. Download the Bria app from the Apple iTunes store to your iPhone or iPod Touch (I’ll continue to just refer to both the iPhone and iPod Touch as just the iPhone).
    3. Open the newly downloaded Bria app on your iPhone and scroll down to the Phone.com settings and tap on it.
    4. Once you’re in the settings page
      • A. Fill in the Display with your phone number
      • B. Input your Username and Password found on the Phone.com Control Panel when you tap on View Server Details in the Settings. The password is case sensitive.

  • Click Done and then Register at the top. You may have to hit the Accounts button at the top left of the app to go back 1 level but then click the little arrow to the right of Phone.com and click Register.

You should be logged in and ready to make calls. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter anytime.


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