Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter – which one?

This short post is intended for our customers who are still not so sure what to do with Facebook or Twitter and the rest of these social networks (or in our context, business networking and marketing tools).

I read two interesting reports today, both on Techcrunch.

The first indicated that Facebook actually grew twice as fast as Twitter did in July and the second is that Linkedin now has 45 million users.

Bottom line: they are all growing.
I do find it interesting that Facebook is showing higher figures than Twitter given all the recent Twitter buzz but leave it to the analysis experts to decide what this means.
Personally I view Facebook and Twitter as important marketing tools and linkedin as an extremely valuable business networking tool. Non happen overnight and all are worth the attention.

For small business owners who are still not convinced by any of the mentioned three platforms this is just another reminder that you should combine your real world networking and marketing with the online world.

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