Legal Proof Changes Thanks to Tools like Call Logs

It is unfortunate that we live in a time when one must be on constant guard against potential legal ramification for his/her actions. However, that is the case, and VoIP providers are making it easier for businesses and homeowners to ensure that they are “covering their assets” with features like call logging and call recording. The best part, as with most calling features, is that these are offered as free calling features by most VoIP providers.

Call Logging
Call logging is a feature common to most telephone services today. The names, numbers, and times associated with all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls are added to an ongoing list, so they can be referenced later for a variety of reasons. Among those reasons is for legal proof in case of lawsuits. No longer can one falsely deny having spoken with a person or business. Call logs will provide proof to the contrary.

Call Recording
For further protection, companies (and even homeowners) can choose to record phone calls. VoIP providers typically offer this as another free (or low cost) feature in addition to their services. By punching in a predetermined code, the individual or business can opt to record incoming calls for later reference. Although there are many reasons for doing this, such as training purposes, recorded phone calls can be extremely helpful in times of legal disputes (as long as the recorded individual was alerted to the recording prior to it occurring). A business can protect itself against faulty claims of misrepresentation, verbal abuse, and other similarly harmful allegations.

Voice –to-Text
In a similar sense, one of VoIP provider’s newest features, voice-to-text, can be extremely beneficial for documenting incoming messages in written form. In this way, hard copies or important messages can be printed and filed in case of later disputes.
There is no doubt that in today’s world one must be careful to avoid guilt or liability that could lead to severe legal implications, but when unfounded claims are made, it is nice to know that VoIP services are there as a defense.

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