Did You Know We Collect Smiles?

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smileboxI wrote a post on Communicate Better Blog about a year ago about the importance of being a smile collector. Erica, one of our awesome customer service representatives, introduced me to the concept when I told her that an email she’d sent made me smile.  She responded by saying, “That’s great! I collect smiles!”

That phrase has really stuck with us. In fact, all good feedback, internal or external, makes us smile. Plus, we love making our customers smile!

We now have a Smile Box in our office and every bit of good feedback goes in that box. Names are drawn from the box periodically and we celebrate the smiles together as a company. We go a step further and produce an internal Smile Report every month with all of the amazing feedback from our customers.

I was just reading some of the feedback from this week’s drawing and immediately found myself grinning because I was reminded of the fact that I work with some awesome people. Check out these comments:

Everything is functioning as I would like. Your CS rep was very helpful on my last call and I think I know how to set up everything that I need to.

Thanks to Juan for OWNING THE CUSTOMERS and helping them solve issues — always!

You are the best! I can always rely on you to be there when I need HELP! No matter what! Thanks for always being available, it is so important! Thank you!

Now, before you start thinking we only focus on the positive, I want to assure you that we also read and act on the negative. Guess what? The negative feedback makes us smile too and not because we have some sick desire to see people be unhappy. We smile because the negative feedback is an opportunity to improve our service in tangible ways, and we smile because someone cared enough to take the time to share it.