iWork Still Isn’t A Competitor, Hopefully That Will Change This Week

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This is going to be a big week for Apple with the launch of iOS 7 and their 2 new phones, the iPhone 5c and 5s but along with the new OS comes iWork.  iWork is Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office online option and Google Docs (now called Drive).  Apple has decided to give iWork away for free to customers purchasing new iOS 7 devices.  That will include new iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads.


This freebie may be a big deal or just a splash in a large pond.  The real question is will you consider using iWork on your iPad?  What about for kids, will this be a suitable resource for their school work?

I for one have used SkyDrive which is the free version of Office (in the cloud), Google Docs and iWorks Pages (on iOS), the first two are competent word processors but unless Apple updates Pages and more than likely all of iWork I don’t think it will come even close to being able to play in the big leagues of the other two cloud services.  iWork looks very basic and unpolished at this point.  Granted it is a cloud version still in beta but the iOS app is not though still lacks a great deal of functionality and modern necessities.  Unlike Google Docs you can’t collaborate with others to input data into a spreadsheet or document.  This is 2013 soon to be 2014 and that’s a basic feature and necessity, at least it is to me.

My personal pet peeve in Pages on iOS and in the cloud is not being able to easily add and edit hyperlinks.  I’m writing this post in iWork (beta) on a computer browser and I’m unable to add a hyperlink to an old Phone.com blog post and on my iPad it’s a ridiculous experience to try to create hyperlinks.  I will have to complete writing this blog post by copying and pasting it into Google Docs add the hyperlinks to the post I’ve already written.  This is an injustice to the user and a sad state of affairs IF this is what’s going to be presented to the public this week.

I for one will stick to composing all of my documents in Google Drive and on the rare occurrence I’m not able to edit or email the document to a Microsoft Word user I’ll use my MS Office suite on my computer for this purpose.  I hope Apple will fix Pages because at this point I wasted the $10 I spent buying it on the iPad.  Maybe that will change this week, we will just have to wait and see.