It’s Pfriday: Let’s Talk Choice

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choose_wiselyOur customers and potential customers often approach us as one of many phone companies competing for their business.  They must take so many factors into account including cost, functionality and customer service and determine if is the best option to meet their needs.  Mix in trust and loyalty and you have our third service standard, which is Choice. 

Our goal is to consistently help our customers make the best choice in their quest for phone service.  Here are ways we aim to build that:

  • Build a feature-rich service at the right price.  The first objective in making the choice for phone service is to determine if it meets the customer’s needs.  From product management to engineering it is essential that we identify, develop and offer the features the majority of our customers require at the right price.
  • Build a bond of trust.  When a customer is making this choice to do business with us, we recognize that this is a small window to build a foundation of trust.  Trust is built in large part by presenting a consistent and clear message to customers no matter who they speak with.  For example, if a sales agent tells them they will pay one amount and they are billed for twice that amount, trust is damaged and the customer immediately questions whether or not they made the right choice.
  • Build knowledgeable customers- At the very core of a customer service or sales encounter is the fact that a customer presents us with a problem that requires our assistance to solve it.  Our customer service and sales staff must take that moment to help the customer understand what our service can do for them and fit that within their budget.
  • Build with creativity and customizability- In the process of finding solutions for customers we avoid the word “No” at all costs.  If there is a solution for the customer, our team is knowledgeable and creative enough to find it.  We pride ourselves in our ability customize the right plan for our customers.  If we absolutely cannot find a solution, we are honest enough to suggest a company that can.
  • Build proactively- We don’t just want potential customers to make the choice to do business with us.  We want our existing customers to constantly be reassured that they made the right choice.  One way we accomplish this is by proactively contacting our customers and anticipating their needs before they arise.

The bottom line when we talk about choice is that we want to do everything within our power to make it an easy choice for customers to choose and to stick with  I hope I have built a case for you to do just that.  May you choose wisely!

This is a continuation in our series on’s service standards.  I encourage you to read the past posts about our standards of Quality and Value.


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