It’s All About Customer Service!

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An open letter about our customer support:

By: Ari

In a recent issue of MITs Sloan Business School Management Review there was an article focusing on customer service and the importance of listening and making the most of your customer’s complaints and feedback.

Good customer service is not only about fixing a customers problem or offering compensation for a problem (though both important!) it is also about how the company assures the customer a problem will not happen again and how it learns from a customer how to improve a product or service.

At we pride ourselves in our customer service team. As I mentioned in previous blog postings, we know they are our main resource! We work with our “front line” team and try and learn from every call they have with a customer!

Our goal is to be there all the time for our customers and to help them understand our products, help them sign up and set up their accounts and to get the most of their Products and when we introduce new products or features many times they are prioritized by customer feedback.

We run surveys to learn what our customers think of our job.
Here is some of the unedited feedback we got:

>> Could not have asked for better service. He even suggested some ideas I never thought of. EXCELLENT SERVICE!
>> I am amazed how easy it is to be virtual. I had never heard of virtual numbers when one day I just put in the browser and wow. I like your service.
>> Jeremy is always helpful. His customer service skills are excellent. One of the reasons why we’re trying out’s virtual phone services.
>> Great, customer service!!! Love the live chat feature!!!!!!!!!!
>> You guys are awesome!!!
>> The online chat support has been terrific. Keep up the good work!
>> Christine was extremely patient, helpful, and knowledgeable. Thanks!
>> Juan did a fabulous job of helping me set up the system!! Great employee!
>> Great customer service. Very helpful.
>> Danielle was very helpful — I had a series of complicated questions and she ably answered them all. I’m going to upgrade my monthly plan. Thanks!
>> The situation was not something that your customer support team could have handled but they did give a suggestion and add a support ticket. So in all they deserve a 5 because it was a situation that had no control over
>> I was very very satisfied with all the tech support I received. Thanks

To the following question: Overall, are you satisfied with your Customer Support?
The result (on a scale of 1-5) is: 4.7.

We are proud of this and you have our commitment that we will continue to focus on our customer needs and TO LISTEN TO YOUR feedback and as always invite more comments. So please write to us at

Thanks for your continued support!

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