ITEXPO next month. The VoIP Industry is indeed growing!

Next month, between September 1 and 3, TMCNET will be hosting their annual ITEXPO West Conference & Expo. ITEXPO is most likely the largest conference dedicated to the developments in the VoIP industry. An industry that has grown from a small segment in the telecommunications space to a major contributer and an integral and essential part of any telecom product or service.

Whether we (the end user consumers) know it or not we use VoIP technology in our daily phone calls even if we do not have a “VoIP service” at home or the office. Many calls are simply routed using VoIP technology. In fact much of all our long distance phone calls are routed over VoIP technology and this is true worldwide.

Consumer Voice over IP services is still growing (remember, even Verizon FIOS or the phone service from Comcast or Time Warner is VoIP based) and is estimated at well over 100 million households world wide. In the US there are over 30 million households using VoIP based phone service.
Also in the business side the shift to VoIP is growing and over 15% of US businesses already use VoIP based phone services with millions of IP Phones shipped .
Another segment that is growing although still behind the business and residential market, is what we know as “Mobile VoIP” with different offerings coming out that will enable more innovative services from our cell phones. will be present at ITEXPO and I will be speaking in two sessions during the show. I was also recently interviewed by Internet Telephony magazine as they prepare for the conference. For more information about the sessions and the conference see our press release.