Ari Rabban will be speaking at ITEXPO, Miami Convention Center, FL, February 3, 2011: Maintaining Service Quality while Introducing New Next Generation Services(SP-03)

As VoIP continues to replace the PSTN for organizations worldwide, the sheer volume of VoIP devices and systems has, in and of itself, become an enormous barrier in maintaining a high-level of quality for VoIP systems everywhere. Why? Because every new VoIP system, device or application needs to be tested against existing infrastructure, an inherently labor-intensive process. Given the ever increasing number of endpoint devices and the custom nature of these devices given the extensibility of SIP, the amount of time it takes to do this testing is going to continue to ramp. How serious is this issue?

Today, regression testing for VoIP systems often requires months and months of additional set up and manual code creation in order to simulate every possible service scenario. When creating tests for new features, test groups need to rely on a combination of manually written scripts and static test tools. The constantly evolving nature of the VoIP ecosystem also raises serious questions about security and service uptime. The bottom line is that today’s testing strategies do not scale to meet the challenges of VoIP deployments. This presentation will evaluate alternative strategies to solving the VoIP testing challenge and how enterprises and network operators can stem the tide of VoIP overload.


Ken Osowski
Director of Product Marketing
Dialogic Corporation

Paul Baron
Vice President, North America for VideoMost
SPIRIT Technologies

Ari Rabban