ITEXPO, Miami Beach January 20-22, 2010

Alon Cohen, EVP & CTO of will be speaking at ITEXPO, a TMCNET event at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Thursday, January 21 2010.

The session is titled:
HD vs. SD: Can you please spell that phonetically?

High end executives listen to high-end sound systems, but their deal-making suffers from the same mediocre telephone voice quality as two teens planning a party after school. The phone invention set a relatively low bar for voice quality in 1876 that the industry improved on through 1937 – then nothing for the next 70 years. The telecom industry has transformed the way voice services get delivered at least a half-dozen times over the years, to reduce costs and increase margins, but end users in 2009 continue to suffer the same voice quality that was available in 1939.

What happened when we moved from dial-up to broadband, and SD to HD television, can happen in telephony. We can expand productivity and utility, and send standard definition telephony to the same place as dial-up Internet access. This session will discuss the business benefits that can be achieved through the adoption of high definition audio technologies, and the requirements for making HD audio a reality within an enterprise environment.