ITEXPO 2015: 20 Years of VoIP

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Wednesday January 28, 2015 – 10:00 – 10:45am
On the panel: Alon Cohen, CTO

More than two decades ago, the idea that voice could be transmitted over Internet Protocol networks was just starting to gain traction, largely because the ability to avoid long distance fees was highly appealing. In 1995, VocalTec took the concept from theory to reality with the first production VoIP software. It was embryonic at best but it launched two decades of innovation technological curiosity that have spanned business and consumer markets, landlines and mobile networks and have evolved into full-blown unified communications services that have become a business staple.

That same early-stage version of VoIP, of course, also provided a foundation for the first INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & Expo. Now in its 17th year – ITEXPO celebrates 20 Years of VoIP and the innovation it has propagated, with a discussion led by conference chairman Rich Tehrani, and including many of the innovators and visionaries that have been part of the past 20 Years of VoIP – and continue to push the boundaries of communications innovation.