Is It Time To Get A Smartphone App For Your Company?

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Last week it was widely reported that over 500,000 Android devices were being activated every single day. That’s a huge number, half a million Android phones and tablets and anything else that may be running Android. That’s a whole lot of potential for a lot of people.

I’m considering how this affects small businesses. Let’s say you have a chain of take out pizza restaurants, is this growing number along with the fact that 1 in 3 Americans now use a smartphone high enough to finally convince you to develop an app for ordering food? I’m not an expert at running a restaurant but I would imagine it would save your employees a lot of time not having to answer as many phone calls on a Wednesday at 5pm. As well as getting more orders right, in turn making more happy customers. And as we all know, happy customers means more business.

So another question to answer is what platforms do you want to support. Obviously Android and of course you have to consider Apple because it’s been the incumbent until recently. It may be sliding in terms of how many are being sold but I still see a lot of people with iPhones. What do you think of Blackberry?

So does half a million Android devices sold a day mixed with 1 in 3 Americans using a smartphone make the decision for you? If it does make sure to support other small businesses in your app development and remember has an app for that, we have iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps.