iPhone using VoIP on Phone.com

I learned something new today about the iPhone Mobile VoIP app from Phone.com. I learned that it will work over 3G as well as wifi. A friend, let’s call him Andy, is a chip reseller and spends a lot of time in Japan and he has an iPhone, but can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on roaming using his phone in Japan to call back the the US for work and to talk to his girlfriend. He didn’t know what to do about his situation until I explained to him that he could use his iPhone and still make/receive calls like he normally would as long as he was on wifi. The best part is, because Andy is on wifi he’s not being charged any roaming fees from AT&T (or whoever his cellular provider is while overseas).

For example let’s say Andy flies to Japan and stays in the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel (I just picked this hotel randomly) and he wants to make a call using his iPhone over AT&T, it would cost him between $1.69/min all the way up to $2.29/min. Now if he was using the Phone.com Mobile VoIP app on his iPhone over the hotels wifi he would have to pay the $11.39 for the hotel wifi and (if this is even a consideration) his Phone.com Virtual Office monthly charge.

You do the math, doesn’t it make sense to you??? If it’s $1.69/min and he talks more then 6 minutes a day it is WELL worth using Phone.com. Imagine what would happen if he has a long call to be on and he’s using AT&T, poor Andy would not be happy but on Phone.com there’s no roaming fee.

Plus I explained to Andy the benefits of being able to use his work number on his mobile, he can still get all his work calls and send/receive SMS from his work number at NO additional cost above and beyond his Phone.com fee.

Will this benefit you? I personally can’t wait to go out of the country to give this a shot.