iOS or Android – What Do You Prefer?

As I sit at the airport waiting for my flight I am playing with my brand new iPhone 4. I’m very excited to have the phone and looking forward to using it. But I have a real problem, I can’t, I’m not getting much reception here at LAX. I know it’s not my iPhone’s fault but I’m not having a great experience on it today. I’m thoroughly disappointed with the alerts and how I see my incoming SMS.

I came from an Android phone that seemed to do everything I could ask for except for a few apps that weren’t available yet. I always felt like I was missing out on some really cool apps that I couldn’t use because I wasn’t on iOS.

Now that I have an iPhone I’m not sure I want it? Which brings me to my question, what is better for a small business owner? Do you need the better Gmail integration on Android or better navigation or do you prefer to have so many new nifty apps at your disposal as well as the sheer simplicity? I’m really not sure.

I’m curious what your take on the iPhone or Android dilemma may be.
I’m not going to jump to any conclusions yet but I haven’t had the greatest experience with the iPhone up to this point. Are there any apps you must have so you’re stuck with one platform over the other?
What are your feelings about the apps on both platforms? I have noticed lately that many apps are getting updated on Android and looking as nice as or nicer then their iOS counterparts. So I open up the floor to hear what you all have to say?

By the way, just so you all know, works on both iOS and Android as well as BlackBerry.