Introducing – Chatcalls just introduced a new application called: – Chatcalls.
This new applications (only part of which is live currently) is a new fun way of sending a text or voice message originated from a browser (including mobile browsers) and terminated as a phone call.

Chatcalls can be sent to one or many and are interactive. The FREE version which is currently live on the website allows anyone to type in free text and then select a voice from a list of over 40 quality synthesized voices and have that message sent to a friends phone number. The recipient of the call will hear the message played as a recorded call.

Chatcalls can be long. No need to limit the length of the message to the size of an SMS. You can also add fun voice emoticons to improve the experience of the message.
Users can also download – Chatcalls widgets to their blog or website.

Chatcalls senders can request a reply from the recipient such as “Accept” or “Reject” attendance to a party.
The sender will receive a confirmation email from all recipients.
All messages can be previewed before sent.


With this first release users can also make Chatcalls from their iPhone.
In a few weeks the next version of – Chatcalls will be released and with individual accounts many more features will be available including addressbook uploading and recording your own greetings, more downloadable widgets and much more.

So check it out and stay tuned for more!