Introducing Group SMS and Call Recording

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Yesterday we announced two new features to our robust set of offerings. Call Recording and Group Text Messaging.  Both can be very useful in business and personal use cases.  For example Call Recording can be used for training purposes and Group SMS is perfect when a manager wants to take the sales team to lunch but doesn’t want to SMS each person separately.

Everyone knows what Call Recording is and Group Text Messaging may be familiar to you as well but I thought I’d explain it a little more.  Our Group Text Messaging app or Group SMS as it is also known is a way to keep multiple people in touch via text.  One person initiates a group chat by using our free iOS app and composing a message as well as adding the recipients.  Then when the message goes out the recipients will be asked if they want to participate (so no one is spammed) and then they’ll get in on the messaging.  Once the initial message is sent out any phone can be used (no one even needs to have a smart phone), it’s all done over text.  Each message that is sent is sent to the entire group so 1 person can start the group and ask where everyone wants to have lunch then anyone responding will have their message sent to the entire group.  It saves on the hassle of pecking out text messages to each person separately and saves the users bucket of text messages by only sending 1 for the entire group.

Here’s a video showing you how it works.


These 2 new additions in our vast list of over 60 already existing features help round out our offerings.  Some of them include Call forwarding, Call Logs, Call Screening, Global Numbers, Mobile Office (for cell phones), Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Numbers and Voicemail Transcription (by a human or computer). is dedicated to servicing small business and entrepreneurs and we do all we can to continue adding new and useful resources for them.  I got a glimpse of our road map and it’s filled with all kinds of new and exciting things.  We’ll have more press releases coming soon but for the time being I suggest reading about our newest features and download our Group Text app from the Apple App Store.


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