International Calling with

Do you conduct business overseas? Maybe to the north in Canada or south in Mexico or Central/South America? Do you call there and not worry about the cost or call and cringe each and every time? I have been known to go through some ridiculous steps to call for cheap or even ask people to call me before I started using Virtual Office. I remember calling an overseas bank once and thinking again and again how much this is going to cost me. Every minute I was on the phone was about half a coffee at Starbucks and not a plain black coffee.

Well if you have do you use us for long distance calls? I would assume so but if you don’t you should take a look at our pricing. And if you don’t have our pricing makes us even more attractive then you already thought we were.

For example a 1 minute call to any of these countries will cost significantly less using’s Virtual Office plan for international calling then using Verizon Small Business plan (which also has an additional monthly fee of $5.95).

Canada is Free on but 5¢ on Verizon
Mexico is 11.8¢ on but 12¢-16¢ on Verizon
England is Free on but 6¢ on Verizon
France is Free on but 13¢ on Verizon
Israel is Free on but 13¢ on Verizon
Italy is Free on but 13¢ on Verizon
Argentina is 3.9¢ on but 23¢ on Verizon
Japan is 3.9¢ on but 10¢ on Verizon
Brazil is 3¢-4¢ on but 21¢ on Verizon
Hong Kong is 3.9¢ on but 12¢ on Verizon
China is 3.9¢ on but 16¢ on Verizon

Every single comparison shows is cheaper then Verizon and using our service is mobile as well if you want. Many people imagine only making international calls from their desk phone but with’s Virtual Office plan you can get these exact rates calling from an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry phone. On Android and BlackBerry we offer the Mobile Office app and on the iPhone it’s the Mobile VOIP app. No need to be tied to your desk or office to make international calls, make them from your iPhone at Starbucks, from your Android phone while walking down the street or even your Blackberry at the airport. frees you in so many ways.
All the pricing is to land lines.