International Calling? Keep Your Rates Low

Buying a calling card to make a call overseas is something some of us still do every now and then. But this makes one wonder – why haven’t phone companies offered more reasonable international calling rates to customers, keeping the phone card industry thriving even today, when so many other telephony options are available? Many land-line telephony providers only include Canada and Mexico in their international calling plans, charging an arm and a leg for calling anywhere else; others add connection fees to your monthly bill on top of charging a high per minute rate every time you call anywhere in Europe or Asia.

So just when it seems like a calling card is the only solution, steps in with its international calling features that can be added to both your home, business and most important, your mobile phone. understands the fast-paced world of today and the importance of being able to reach out to faraway places with ease and be equally reachable when on the move. That is why land-line calls to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and a few other countries are included in its very basic package and you incur no extra cost calling someone in any of those countries or forwarding a call there. When you are travelling and cannot access your computer, your’s VoIP international calling options are still accessible from your cell phone using Mobile Office or simply by dialing your number and follow the steps to place a call to any number overseas. also provides two types of international number options for customers who are expecting to be overseas a lot or have clients, business associates or relatives who need to reach them from abroad.

Keeping the cost of international calls low is important, especially for those who have relatives abroad or do business in various countries and thus have to call internationally quite often. Relying on your land-line may not be cost-effective, but can offer a rescue with its attractive rates and high-quality service. Remember to call our 24/7 customer support center to activate the international calling or forwarding feature.