Interested In A Affiliate Program? You should be!

I decided to work from Starbucks today and got to talking with the guy next to me. He owns a small retail business selling paint ball products and pays over $200 per month for his phone service. My jaw dropped when he told me that. He has 4 lines for voice and no menu system, just plain old POTS lines. I mentioned our mobile apps and that he didn’t have to give out his cell phone number any more so he could be reached when he’s out of the office. He was giving out his personal cell number to customers and distributors and he told me have been calling him on weekends.

He jumped at the idea of base plan of $10/month and $5 for additional lines. He was shocked that he could get better service and the same number of lines for about $35/month. This has taught me a lesson, I need to reach out to more people and explain to them how we can save them so much money.

As a customer and user of would you be interested in an easy to use affiliate program? I’m not talking about being a salesperson but just being a spokesperson. I know when I find a product or service I like I tell all my friends and family about it. I would imagine many of you are the same way. If you got some cash for giving a successful referral would that motivate you a bit? Donate the money if you have a moral issue with it. But would you want more information about this kind of thing? Do me a favor and tell us on Facebook. I really do want to know and will inform you about details.