University – Implementing an “Exit” Option from a Voicemail

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In a recent webinar, one of our agents asked how to create an “exit” from leaving a voicemail message. This would be useful when callers don’t want to leave a message but rather want to reach someone else in your organization.

Normally, when a caller reaches voicemail they have just one option—to leave a message and/or hang up. If the caller wants to try another extension, the voicemail system typically does not offer an exit.

With’s simple but powerful call handling rules, it is possible to create an exit path from voicemail so that your callers don’t have to hang up and call back.

Accomplishing this requires three simple steps:

  1. Creating a greeting with the re-direct options stated.
  2. Creating a menu and configuring the re-direct selections.
  3. Forwarding to your menu in your call handling rules.

Creating Your Greeting

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Add a Greeting.
  2. Enter a name for your greeting in the Nickname: field.
  3. Select a method to record your greeting and record the message.
  4. Select Save Greeting.

Example: You have reached Alon Cohen’s voicemail. To leave a message, press 1. To go back to the main menu, press 2. If you want another extension, please dial it now.


 Creating Your Menu

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Add a Menu.
  2. Select the greeting you made in the steps above for the Outgoing Message.
  3. Select Continue.

Configuring Your Menu Options

You are now on the Edit Menu screen where you will configure two options:

  • Option 1 will direct callers to the voicemail you specified in your greeting.
  • Option 2 will allow callers to get back to your main menu.

Option 1

  1. Select Edit for Option 1.
  2. Change Select Operation to Leave Voicemail.
  3. Choose the extension you want voicemails left in.
  4. Select Save Rule Settings.

Option 2

  1. Select Edit for Option 2.
  2. Change Select Operation to Goto Menu.
  3. Choose your main menu in the drop-down box.
  4. Select Save Rule Settings.


Forwarding to Your Menu

Navigating to your call handling rules will differ depending on your unique setup. We will assume that you are already at this section in your account.

  1. Select Add Next Action at the bottom of your call handling rules.
  2. Change Select Operation to GotoMenu.
  3. Select the menu you made in the steps above.
  4. Select Save Rule Settings.


In the example above, if the extension does not pick up within 20 seconds, the rule will engage action B, which will direct the caller to the Exit menu.

Exit achieved! That’s it for today, see you next Monday for some more knowledge.