I’m A VoIP Wave Rider

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Looks like Phone.com, and just about everyone in the business VoIP business, is riding a wave that just keeps on getting higher. Skimming through the hundred or so information sources I check each day, I hit a new report by market research firm Infonetics that increases that company’s already healthy estimates of growth in the VoIP market.

The folks at Infonetics think that the number of seats of hosted business VoIP – services like Phone.com’s Virtual Office – and for unified communications services is going to more than double over the next 48 months. That’s a blistering growth rate, in my experience.

The estimates also now include one that the number of resident VoIP and small office/home office subscribers to hosted VoIP – again services such as Virtual Office and Home Phone Plus – will grow from 179 million worldwide this year to 262 million in 2015. That’s going to represent a combined business and residential/SOHO service market of $76.1 billion.

I don’t really need any new justification for my decision to switch from traditional telephone services to home office VoIP phone service and VoIP for my home phone service – the financial savings alone have been phenomenal (at least $500 in just one year). But it’s always nice to know that you’re riding a winner.

Stuart Zipper is the past Senior Editor of TelecomWeb news break and a contributing editor to Communications Technology.


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