I Am Looking For Tips And Tricks For Business Travel

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I asked on the Phone.comFacebook fan page if people carried on luggage or checked it through, that post got a lot of views and some chatter so I’m going to write a blog post about traveling for business.  It’s a popular topic, I know I’m always looking for new tips and tricks… As I’m writing this on a flight home.  

I suspect that our readers have lots of suggestion and I’d love to include some of them in the post.  I’d like anything from put your keys, wallet, cell phone and watch into your carry on when you pass through security so you don’t have to put them in a bin to tricks getting upgraded to a better class of seats or an exit row.  I’ll include some of my own as well.  

Please post them on our Facebook or Twitter pages, alternatively you can email them over Jeb@Phone.com.  I hope to get a fair number of tips and I’ll give credit to everyone unless you ask to be anonymous, I’ll respect your wishes.


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