How Your Home Phone Service Can Help Your Home Business

Wouldn’t you like it if your home phone service gave you the option to:

• Forward calls to your cell phone or any other number or personal greeting depending on who the caller is and what time of day it is (think how helpful this would be when you need to leave the house, but don’t want to miss any crucial calls)
• Transfer any incoming call to a different number at the touch of a button
• Record calls at any point in a conversation to ensure you don’t miss crucial information
• Set a professional automated after hours greeting
• Screen your calls to ensure you aren’t interrupted during peak hours for something not related to your business

If you’ve been looking for features such as this to enhance your home business’s phone answering system, you are in luck. Our home phone service can do all this and more! Cut your costs by using the home phone service that gives you a professional business phone feel at a price you can afford.

Sign up for one of our home phone plans to start promoting the professional image your home business needs today!