How You Benefit from Using a VoIP Home Phone System

When you equip yourself with this system you will receive a variety of services designed to enhance your home phone system. You will have the ability to control the way you route incoming phone calls, set greetings and call forwarding based on caller ID, read your voicemail via text messages, and much more.

Once your home phone number has been transferred to our VoIP home phone system and you are connected to the Internet, all you have to do is dial the way you normally would. The person on the other end doesn’t need anything special to receive your call, and chances are they won’t even hear a difference.

Subscribing to this home phone service does require that you have a broadband Internet connection, but because it uses the power of the Internet, it offers several advantages not available through regular phone service. With our VoIP home phone system you are able to:
– Enjoy essential in-call features, such as transferring and call screening, at no extra cost
– Receive and make calls wherever you go by taking your telephone adapter with you and having access to an Internet connection
– Listen to your voicemails online
– Select a telephone number with an area code outside your calling area
– Manage your account features and preferences online
– And more

The Internet connection you use can be the same one you use for your computer, and you can still talk on the phone while you are online, or even while your computer is turned off.

You can manage your entire account online, and we provide 24/7 technical support. Plans start at just $9.88/month with no long-term contracts. We offer a unique pricing system that allows you to reduce your bill based on the number of people you refer to our service. Refer enough friends and your bill is free. You can even earn credit towards your account if your referrals exceed your total bill!

Improve your home phone by subscribing to our VoIP home phone system.
Take advantage of its many benefits and start saving money today!