How to Ensure a Successful Product Launch

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planning a product launch


You started your first business. Congratulations! After a bit of transition into this new life, your company has gained some traction.

You’ve got a few new employees, customers are happy, and everything is going swimmingly. But you’re getting the itch—that idea you had way back when has finally been developed and you want to show it to the world.

Any entrepreneur knows that timing is everything, but apart from that how can you make certain launching your new product goes smoothly?

Here are some thoughts to get you set up for success.

Do you have a checklist?

It’s best to have an itemized checklist from start to finish. Having your end goals—as well as a concrete date—on paper is both a great visualizing technique but also practical in seeing the journey from inception to launch day.

With a checklist, you can strategize your workload three to six months in advance to make certain all the technical variables are taken care of. This is especially important because with this roadmap you’re able to sort out what happened if anything goes awry.

Is your product ready?

…But seriously, is it finished? Can it do all the functions you’re about to market? There’s nothing that can sink a product or even a company quicker than rushing so be sure it’s fully functional.

Beta testing rounds with a select few customers can give you some of the more crucial feedback before the big rollout. Get at least a round in and collect all that data to work out whatever kinks arise.

Is the “package” complete?

This means your team, your marketing strategy, your promotions, your messaging, and everything else that’s critical to the launch. It’s all well and good to have the product locked in but there also needs to be just as much attention to the smaller details of the rollout. This will minimize mistakes and lessen the anxiety on an already stressful day.

Be bold with creative

“Disruptive” is a fairly tiresome word nowadays, but its core meaning for brands still holds true. Regardless whether your new product or service is revolutionary in the marketplace, it’s still going to be new to your customers. That said, go big and bold with the creative. Make it sparkle even if its something usually perceived as dull.

Targeting marketing campaigns on social media is a great, relatively cost-effective way to market your product to a wide audience.

After the launch…

Take a deep breath! You did it!

Now, make sure your team is invigorated and ready for an increase in sales. You’ll also want to compile all the post-launch feedback and address any bugs or errors as quickly as possible.

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