How Chat Systems Can Help Your Business Be More Efficient

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woman using chat system and VoIP


No matter what your company specializes in, it should put a priority on communication. Whether it’s switching your phone lines over to VoIP or setting up town hall meetings to make sure everyone has a voice, your employees have to be comfortable with communicating to one another. A great way to expedite that is to adopt chat into your intra-communication structure.

It’s no secret that since mobile has taken over our everyday work and personal lives, people have largely switched over to text- and chat-based communication.

According to a 2017 survey from Report Linker, 71% of workers are relying on instant messaging chats for their communication.

So that got us thinking on how chat can help your business be more efficient:


Limits Interruptions

Your day is chock full. You’re constantly working on your task list as your food gets cold on your desk. It can be so disruptive to schedule a meeting or a phone call because it takes so much productive time out of your day. With chat, you won’t have to bother sifting through email threads or hopping on a conference call when you’re at the airport, you can simply open your chat thread to get the answers you need. According to a survey by Slack, offices that use their software held 25% fewer meetings. Think of how much time that saves! (Also, related: Collaboration tools are just the best.)


It simply improves your overall communication

In more ways than one, chat or instant messaging is so much more immediate than email. There is a real-time connection where you can get answers in seconds. This can facilitate a bigger conversation more effortlessly than the clunkiness of email.

Chats also let you know when your coworkers are online, so if you’re reliant on a remote worker hours ahead or behind, you can know when to reach out. This is so crucial for remote workers because it’s helps everyone feel in the same room even if they’re spread throughout the country.


It is a more cost-efficient option 

Lots of businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and organize operational tasks through technology. Chat is one of the best ways to do that. There are so many inherent benefits, but one we often overlook is how cost effective it is.

Group chats are an easy way to change how we view meetings. Because your colleagues don’t have to spend time or money on transportation into the office or hopping on a long distance or international call with hefty fees. Your team is therefore more accurate, more efficient, and more productive than ever thanks to the constant communication of chat.


Improves customer service 

With customer service, timing is *everything*. If your customers are waiting forever to have their issue rectified or their complaint heard, it’s not going to reflect so great on your reviews and could lose business quickly. Chat & instant messaging options give customers instantaneous customer support instead of wasting time waiting on a call queue or on forever-hold. This can reduce customer wait time, which causes your CSRs to close tickets at a more efficient pace. This creates a better overall customer experience that will pay dividends immediately.




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