How Call Notifications Improve Phone Etiquette in the Office

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Colleagues in a meeting using call notifications


It’s a foregone conclusion that our mobile phones are both indispensable and, seemingly, the cause of the lion’s share of our distractions at work and in our personal life. Ride any subway or find your seat on the plane and you’ll walk by countless faces illuminated by the bright blue glow of a smartphone. And with offices increasingly being stocked full of thumb-operating millennials, it’s fairly easy to lose out in productivity.


According to an Open Market survey of 500 millennials, 72% said they text 10 or more times a day, and 80% said they would prefer texting (to a company’s customer service department) than a voice-only call.


No matter how much we rely on our smartphones in the office or how integral they are to a small business, there’s still the issue of professionalism and etiquette.


So how can you combat that without rounding up everyone’s phones into a basket each day? Enter’s Call Notifications. With this feature, you can keep a close track on all incoming calls. If your business is dependent on customer leads, you can feel secure going into airplane mode for that meeting or hopping in the car or going underground on the subway.


Some business owners have multiple companies, with multiple numbers and extensions. If they’re doing most of their business on their smartphones, it can get messy. With notifications, each number and each extension has the ability to get notifications via email or text message. Each message contains the Caller ID, the number or extension they dialed, date, time and duration of the call. If they left a voicemail, you can configure to get our Voicemail-to-Email service, but that’s another topic for another day.


So don’t be afraid to turn off your phone in that meeting with a new client. You’ll be more focused on the task at hand and your missed call details will easily be handled.

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