Home Phone Plus Making My Life Easier

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Anyone who knows me or has read many of the blog posts on here should know that I like it when technology makes my life easier.  Like the mobile phone allowing me to take my conversations with me wherever I go.  Or the laptop making my office mobile.  Well in 64 days I can finally move my home phone service over to Phone.com from the big red V.  I’m having to finagle my way out of big red’s clutches but I can’t wait.  What’s the big deal you ask, convenience is the answer.  My mother in law, as wonderful of a woman as she is, just never calls our cell phones first, she always dials our home number leaves a message then calls our cell phones.  
There’s also the family and friends that live outside the US and get a cheaper calling rate if they call a landline versus a cell phone so they always try our home number first.  
That’s where Phone.com’s Home Phone Plus comes in, I’m going to forward all our incoming calls to our cell phones, starting just on the weekends and we’ll experiment from there.  

Then there’s the spam phone calls.  We get at least 2 a day and usually 3 or more and they drive me nuts.  NO I don’t want to put a new roof on my house.  NO I don’t want to lower my interest rate and NO I don’t want to refinance.  I sound like my father when I say this but I’m going to take the time to block every single spam caller. It may be fruitless because they call from so many different numbers but I’m still going to block them.  

Now we can move onto the wonderful family members who call way too late or very early in the morning because they did the math wrong when they calculated the time in Southern California.  We have a lot of family overseas and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten calls at 4am from a confused cousin.  

I could go on and on but I won’t, I’m just pointing out that Home Phone Plus is going to make my life much easier.  Additionally Home Phone Plus is less then $10/month versus almost $40/month we’ve been paying.  

To tell you I’m excited to make the switch to Phone.com is an understatement, I’m over the moon and I’ll blog lots more about it when it finally happens.


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