Home Phone Plus, Easier To Install Then Any Other

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As I explained earlier this week I’m upgrading my home internet to the big V as my provider.  Well today was the big day and well it happened.  Boy was it a pain.  I started 2 weeks ago by ordering it and being told a week from Friday you need to be home from 8am until 5pm.  Yup I couldn’t leave my house the entire day, no biggie I guess.  So Ray shows up (I’m changing his name for his job security) and starts explaining everything to me.  This is going to be a long job, it took over 5 hours and he was going to have to do a lot of drilling.  This was in the name of getting a rather good deal, getting out from under my home phone carriers grip and switching to Home Phone Plus from Phone.com.  

I’m going to focus on the big V’s home phone landline installation.  First off Ray had to install 2 boxes in my bedroom to control and support the fiber land line.  Then he had to run a wire from in the house through the wall to the outside by drilling right through my bedroom wall.  This didn’t make me happy to say the least.  Then he mounted 2 boxes the total size of a small coffee maker on the wall.  Can you guess how unhappy I am with this process.  Then there was running all kinds of wires and plugs underneath my house.  Yes this took nearly 5 hours.  Yes this is what I’m paying for and yes I really hope you readers appreciate what I’m doing for you because in approximately 50 days as soon as I can get out of this contract I’m going to ditch all this equipment for Home Phone Plus, something I’ve been wanting to do for almost 2 years now.  

You may be asking where this is going beyond a rant and I’ll tell you.  Installing the Phone.com ATA takes all of 2 minutes and involves NO drilling, NO climbing under my house, NO running attaching wires to the outside of my house, NONE of that.  It’s as simple as plugging in our ATA to your modem and plugging your hand line phone into the ATA.  Oh wait, you have to also plug the power cord into the back of the ATA and and outlet.  I know I know this all seems so simple compared to the big V’s 5 hour fiasco today but that’s the point.  I have helped a handful of people set up our ATA’s and it has never taken more than a couple minutes and that was only because I had to untangle some of their wires.  

Phone.com has an enormously superior VOIP phone solution to the national carriers, it’s so simple my 80 year old mother in law can figure it out and she’s not all that tech savvy.  If you’re even considering switching phone services I can’t recommend highly enough Home Phone Plus.  Check it out and let me know what you think.


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