Hold Music – A Must for Your Customers?

When your customer calls and you need to put him or her on hold, do you want to leave them hanging there listening to silence, or would your rather have some background music indicating that you are still holding the line, searching for an answer to your customer’s question? You may think that your clients do not care for or even notice the hold music, but they are, in fact, listening. Even more interesting are the results of a few studies that show the type of music people hear while on hold makes a difference when it comes to the way they view one’s business!

In addition, it was determined that a good, upbeat tune can make the time on hold seem shorter, which helps avoid formation of a negative impression of your company in the client’s mind – after all, who likes to be kept on hold for 10-15 minutes?

It is also important to change your hold music or song once in a while – customers tire easily of the same thing and they are more likely to hang up if they hear the same music over and over again. It is obvious – hold music is a must and Phone.com understands it like no other VoIP service provider! We offer a great variety of pre-recorded hold music, from modern groovy beats to classical orchestra performances, as well as an option to add your own hold melody.

Remember that you can only use a media file that you acquired legally through a legitimate source. Phone.com provides easy-to-follow instructions on adding your own hold music to the VoIP home or virtual office service package.

Don’t underestimate the value of hold music, as it is a crucial component of your customer service efforts. Phone.com’s VoIP service adds value to your business by helping you keep your customers happy while on hold.