Hi Definition Voice (Calls)

By: Ari

Next Thursday our industry (or at least many of the smart ones) will be gathering for Jeff Pulver’s HD Communication Summit in New York City.

A distinguished list of expert speakers will be sharing their insights at this event which promises to be both educational and forward looking.

Phone.com will also have its representative participating as Alon Cohen, Executive VP and CTO will be speaking about audio quality.

Though this blog is not about technology breakthroughs or other tech innovations, I would like to mention this event as it is from these types of events (that Jeff Pulver has been producing for well over a decade) that many innovations emerge.

Many of the speakers at next week’s HD Communications Summit have been involved in the Voice over IP (VoIP) industry from its very early days and have been responsible for many of the developments in the industry.

I remember the days in the mid 90s where we admired the ability to have a call between two PCs or from a PC to a real phone (Alon was the founder of the first VoIP product and company).

Today VoIP is essentially the main way to transport calls and is used by all the big carriers whether we as end users know it or not. HD voice is just a natural step forward in what we can expect to see (or hear) in the years to come. Here is what Jeff has to say about HD voice:

“I believe HD voice holds the same promise for the telecom industry as format changes in the entertainment industry. With enough interest, together we can trigger a worldwide replacement cycle like the one observed currently with HDTV. This is an opportunity that can not be ignored and one that will get the attention of the entire telecom ecosystem.

The road ahead isn’t going to be easy. There is a lot of work ahead for all of us. From helping to educate the worldwide consumers about the promise of HD VoIP to the issues surrounding widespread adoption and implementation issues. But the underlying technology we need already exists and from my perspective it is just a matter of time. Eventually the telecom industry will adopt and support the widespread use of HD Voice. With the right support and attention we can be a catalyst for change and make a difference and make something inevitable, happen NOW. In the process we will have a chance to reboot Telecom.”

Oh, you may be asking what is HD Voice anyway?? Well I guess just think of the fact that you can have a phone call in a CD quality level, like you are in a studio…