Herding Cats and… the evolution of VoIP

Next week in NYC the 140Conf will take place and Phone.com is happy to be a Co-sponsor of the big Tuesday night party on April 20.

At such a fun conference you can bet the party will be great! Rub shoulders with Twitter icons and just some very cool peeps at while listening to featured performers Herding Cats from Seattle.

Playing in San Jose, Boston, Chicago, New York, Stockholm, Berlin and I am sure I am forgetting several other stops that Jeff Pulver or others can remind me of, of the band has performed in front of the hundreds or even thousands of VoIP industry players… And probably for many other “normal” people too!! 🙂

So now I am happy Phone.com will co-sponsor the party at the #140Conf… and we will also be giving away plenty of FREE Phone.com accounts to participants of the conference.

Follow us on Twitter and see us at the conference and party for more information!

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