Hear the world with free iNUM

With globalization in full swing, you have probably heard, more than once, that the world is getting smaller. All of us are getting closer to each other, constantly updating our friends and family via Facebook and Twitter on our latest achievements, trips, and career highlights.
Surprisingly, even with the rise of social network usage, international calling did not subside – as a matter of fact, with more countries getting access to mobile phones and Wi-Fi internet connections, keeping in touch with relatives or friends overseas is getting much easier. But not always much cheaper.

One solution – iNUM, which stands for “international number”: a global telephone number not tied to a particular country, which allows for a truly “borderless” connection.

For years, phone numbers were preceded by codes of countries and cities making dialing cumbersome and the cost too high. But iNUM aims to free you from that hassle. When you move to another city or country, you do not need to change your phone number (or your device, for that matter), because iNUM makes you reachable anywhere you may be. A growing number of networks in numerous countries all across the world support iNUM and now you can get it for free at phone.com! As an often travelling professional or a business owner, think about the added value of iNUM. No more holds and waiting times – your employees and customers can call you at no extra cost to you.

While iNUM is not accessible from every single network in the world, there are 45 countries from which a caller can reach your iNUM for the cost of a local call. The list of countries and access numbers is available at here, and it is constantly updated as more and more cities are getting connected via iNUM. If you are overseas do check with your service provider to make sure of the rates (Usually like a local call but still not always so some times you might want to use the access number).

Do not miss out on important news from your friends or a potential business deal when you travel or move your business overseas. iNUM will help you hear the world!