HD Voice Service

By: Alon Cohen

Phone.com joined a group of forward looking companies and started to explore the possibility of providing HD voice services to its subscribers, starting from providing HD voice between our own subscribers that use a compatible HD Capable IP phone, and moving to HD voice on all calls that start and end with IP capable phones by forging alliances with other islands that support HD Voice connectivity.

HD Voice (High Definition voice) to SD Voice (Standard definition) is what FM radio is to AM Radio, and what HD TV is to our standard TV.

As part of this pioneering group I was asked by Jeff Pulver & Daniel Berninger to be part of a panel discussion about HD Voice Quality in an HD Communication summit that was designed to help the companies involved, get together and tackle the issues.

The road is still long as the PSTN (the public phone system) with its core standard quality telephony is still the one dragging all calls connected through that PSTN core to the standard low quality we got used to in the past 70 years of using the phone.

We even got used to lower quality when wireless service was introduced (“can you hear me now”?) but contrary to the incumbent phone companies, the wireless service providers are willing to take part in this move to HD Voice and will probably become a major driving force behind the initiative.

The vision is very clear and HD Voice will happen for VoIP users, no doubt about that, but as Paul Saffo Silicon Valley technology forecaster said “Never mistake a clear view for a short distance”.

This is a presentation that I prepared (soon to be here) for the summit but it turned out to be a good summary of the discussions held.

You can read more about the HD VoIP Summit here.