HD Voice! its coming … We Got It…

Phone.com was one of the first service providers to offer HD Voice phone service. We first announced the service back in October of 2009.

We since wrote about it more, promoted it in industry events and got some good write ups see also here.

A few days ago a new report was published by TMCNET and Doug Monhey Editor-in-Chief of HD News.

Phone.com is also featured in this report.

HD Voice is expected to grow significantly over the next 2-3 years. To the end user the main attraction is very simple but something we almost gave up on: “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW” ? with HD Voice a conversation can sound like a CD quality call (i guess now CDs are old technology but you get the point…). Phone.com is proud to be one of the first to introduce HD quality to our network and offer HD Phones to our customers and we look forward to see it grow!