Unsure what to say? Use Text-to-Greeting.

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When I introduce customers to our Virtual Office service and help them set up their account they sometimes get “stuck” when they have to record their company welcome greetings.

It’s funny how people quickly become shay when it comes to recording their own company greeting. Just saying something like: “welcome to ACME Partners, please press 1 for Marketing or press 2 for Accounting” becomes confusing to some people.

They might know what they want to say but cant say it or they might be confused and want to think more about it.

Well, Phone.com has a an easy solution to get you started with a greeting recording that will let a customer instantly enjoy the service, test it, and figure out all the rich features the service offers and yet delay that (painful) decision of what i want to say.

Phone.com offers a “Text to Greeting” service that lets customers type whatever they want to say and choose a voice from over 30 synthesized (computerize) voices that will say what you wanted to say.

Text-to-Greeting offers male and female voices in many English accents, including foreign accents and also several languages (you can type your greeting in French, Spanish, German or Italian) you can even choose some really funny voices – check it out! You will love it and have fun playing with it.

You can enjoy Text-to-Greeting, as we mentioned, just for your temporary greeting until you feel comfortable recording it yourself or decide to choose a professional voice talent from our voice studio.

Many customers choose to use Text-to-Greeting as their main greeting simply because it is easy to use and allows for quick changes and it is fun. Depending on the nature of each customers business there is a voice for every type of business!

So try it and let us know what you think.

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