Guest Blog: Sorry, We’re Not Home

For the past month the rented townhouse I live in has been under renovation, and I’ve been living in a small furnished apartment. While the idea of a brand new kitchen, fresh paint, all new electric fixtures, new carpets and cabinets, is attractive, it meant the for the month one thing could have been missing – my phone calls. Indeed with the legacy phone service I had less than a year ago the only thing I could have done was set it up to forward all calls to my cell phone. With VoIP service I’m supposed to be able to do better.

So I decided to look into the call handling rules feature of Home Phone Plus. As I’ve discovered, not every VoIP service offers the rules capabilities provides to residential customers. They are more often reserved for business customers only. Moreover, learning to program the call handling rules, it turns out, was simple and logical. Indeed I’ve only begun to craft my ultimate call handling system.

For the meantime, you’d never even know that I’m not home for a month. Step one simply had my calls forwarded to the phone in the place I’m staying. When I finally got some broadband here, instead of simply cancelling the programming I decided to get fancier – so if you call me now and “sorry, I’m not home,” the call will go to my cell phone. AND also ring the home phone again, just in case I’m really there. Finally it goes to Voice Mail (more about the neat HomePhone Voice Mail features another time). Oh, and if you call at times I don’t want to be reached – I won’t be bothered. It’s instant Voice Mail for you, and you’ll never know that really I am home, but hey – its time for the big game, so please don’t call me.

Stuart Zipper is the past Senior Editor of TelecomWeb news break.