Great Benefits of Live Chat for Your Small Business

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live chatting for small business

It goes without saying that customer support is crucial for any business that offers a service. And in this day and age, how quickly the support comes speaks volumes about your attention to detail and attention to customers’ needs. That’s why the advent of live chatting has been so great for businesses.

Here at, we’re fortunate enough to have phone-based 24/7 support as well as live chat capability, which helps us be as accessible as possible for customer interaction. And if your company is able to do the same, you should. In a study by TELUS International, the report found that an overwhelming number of companies still do not use any live chat platform for their websites. So with the advantage in competition already present, here are a few benefits to using the system for your small business.

Reduced Costs

With live chat capability, CSRs are able to handle multiple people at one time. Depending on volume, this may lead to slightly slower response time or, by nature, a confusion in the text description of a customer’s request, but the fact that one person can handle five customers within five minutes is a logistical and financial godsend for companies that keep track of costs. And with quicker response times, CSRs can quite simply service more customers much more easily, which reduces the need for more support staff.

Identifying Customer Patterns to Facilitate Product Improvement

Thanks to the archived chat information, it’s easy for administrators and executives to comb through CSR chat histories or create custom reporting for a specific item to determine problems customers consistently have. This can lead to, of course, very big or very small changes, whether it be augmenting the wording of something or completely redesigning the user interface. The availability of the data makes it a vital part of business and product development.

Faster Problem Resolution

The immediacy of live chat allows CSRs to solve more problems at a faster pace, keeping customers happy and ultimately benefitting your business. For phone support, CSRs are able to walk someone through their problems more in depth and personally, but occasionally that can take time. For companies able to use more advanced technology, CSRs are able to engage in screen-sharing mode with the customer to see their issues in real time, or they can simply pass along a link to a support page that dives into the more technical aspects that more hands-on customers are looking for.

Proactive Guest Contact

With the live chat functionality, companies can tailor CSR popups to just about any scenario of customer activity on the website. This can sometimes be a crucial measure for confused browsers who can be converted quickly into a sale, rather than exit to look for the competition. From a psychological perspective, this also helps foster a sense of hospitality, a digital maître d’ to facilitate and welcome guests and (hopefully) convert them.


Ultimately, your customers are looking for the quickest route to solve their problem. While some approach it only using the old school method of waiting for untold amounts of time over the phone, the more straightforward chat approach means that they can simply visit your site and have their problem solved within minutes with a real human across the keyboard helping.

What’s your favorite part about live chat? How could it be better as a platform?

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