Google’s Merging Some Of It’s Services Storage

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Interesting news for any heavy Google product users. Google just announced on their blog that they are merging storage for Gmail, Drive and Google+ users. This means that if you were using the free version of Gmail like I am and you’re running out of space now you can use space from Google+ and Drive.

Keep in mind the total space is reduced by 5GB, don’t bite off the head of the messenger… I’m a little annoyed but it is a free service so who am I to complain. I’m personally grateful for this because I’m on the verge of having to purchase more Gmail cloud storage so this will put it off for another year I hope.

What is your email setup? Do you do anything elaborate like forwarding all your email to Gmail and handling it from there (I do that with my email)? Microsoft Exchange? Any other free email services like You can talk to us/me (Jeb) on Twitter or Facebook.