Going Green with VoIP

When it comes to choosing an environmentally friendly phone service, VoIP comes in a step ahead of landline service; and perhaps leading the pack is Phone.com. The options it provides its customers, present the opportunity for other companies to take a greener stance for the future, as well.

Helping Business Go Green Services like Call Forwarding offered by Phone.com make it possible for their clientele to cut down on unneeded travel, office space, and equipment. Because one number can be forwarded to several different numbers, employees are able to work from home, which reduces the number of commuters on the road, thereby eliminating excess greenhouse gases being released into our atmosphere. Furthermore, the options for extensions and HD audio conferencing ensure that even employees working hundreds of miles apart can remain on the same page. If that isn’t enough, fax machines will no longer be necessary for a company using hosted VoIP services- as faxes are stored to the user account- or can even be sent as a .pdf file directly to the designated email inboxes- where they are stored can be read from any computer.

Environmentally friendly stance on the inside and out. The founders and staff of Phone.com enjoy doing their part to preserve the world that we live in. This is part of the reason that the company has opted to remain a hosted provider, thereby requiring no new hardware or equipment to be purchased for a new customer to join. Furthermore, the staff enjoys the benefits of the company’s service, working from home and telecommuting as much as possible, thereby reducing the need for office space, additional equipment, and fuel to reach the office.

As more companies make the switch to hosted VoIP, the world may see a change in the way business takes place- less of a need for officially designated business space, fax machines that notoriously waste paper will fall by the wayside, and vehicles will spend a great deal more time planted in the driveway- and we will all be a little better for it.