Going cold turkey on Land Lines

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By: Alon Cohen

Though I have used VoIP for many years, we always had two “regular” home phone lines delivered by the “regular” phone company. One served as our main home phone line, the other as my fax line. But now I have gone cold turkey on both and am all digital.

I have found out that I really can not justify the expense on these phone lines, and by smartly moving my numbers to Phone.Com Virtual Office and Phone.com Home Phone and by simply managing my numbers on-line I can now not only save money but I can also gain functionality that I always struggled to have with the traditional carriers.

One can manage a home business using a toll free number using the same Virtual Office account. I for instance added extensions that dial internationally, so when I call my home number I can select an extension from my interactive voice response (IVR) menu (which took me 10 minutes to set up), and I call my family oversees at a very low cost (several countries are even included at no extra cost as they are part of the monthly minutes bucket anyway).

This is obviously at a lower cost than I ever paid all other traditional phone providers that I have used in the past and including some VoIP providers.

Now I don’t have to remember long international numbers, or pay extra when calling oversees from my cell. I can even call into the system from any other phone anywhere I am. I just dial my home number and press the desired extension and reach the person I want (and if I don’t want people calling me to know that extension 17 is say my cousin in Paris than I don’t have to list that extension in the menu).

When my wife traveled to Europe this summer, I simply forwarded her call to a European ‘pay as you go’ cell phone number so we can skip the roaming. It took me 2 minutes on the web. Usually if you want to forward your phone to another phone you have to remember to do that before you fly since you must be present to do that. With Phone.com I don’t care, I can do that from anywhere in the world.

So between my Facebook, Linkedin and my Virtual Office I am all set with no old “phone company” land lines and a smile all the way to the bank when I know I am saving a bundle every month.

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