Global Phone Numbers for the Global Economy

We hear about the global economy and how the world is flat that it’s astonishing to me how communications continues to be so parochial. We have customers all over the world, employees spread around the country, so why should our phone number be confined to a particular region or state?

Today, we changed all of that. A new partnership we announced with Voxbone gives you the opportunity to acquire a global phone number called an iNum number. That’s right it’s a phone number that acts as a local number in 43 countries and can reach 300 million customers. Move between countries and cities and you retain that number regardless.
You can read more about the specifics of our iNum offering here.

While iNum might sound a lot like our virtual numbers, on the one hand, and toll-free numbers, on the other hand, there are some big differences. For one iNum numbers require the SAME dialing pattern wherever you are (no need to figure out the country code etc..) ; iNum calls can be totally FREE between customers of different service providers that support iNum (a list that is growing and can be found on our website and on the iNum website) ; High Definition (HD) audio also works with iNum numbers – even across iNum carriers. So if you’re clients are on Skype and they call your iNum number, as long as your both using HD phones then the conversation will be in HD.

This new partnership is an expansion of our partnership with Voxbone which helps offer our customers phone numbers in over 40 countries around the world.

The iNum numbers all have the country code 883 and can be obtained at no cost to any registered customer from the Global Number order section.

One note of caution: iNum number are not accepted by all service providers so to have someone reach you on your iNum number they must be dialing out of a service provider that supports iNum. The list of these providers is here. However, if you get an iNum number and set it up from your control panel you can have your friends or customers dial an access phone number from anyone of over 30 countries around the world and they can reach you in the US at no cost to them. The list of access number can be found on the website here and on the iNum website.

Finally: If you use iNum please tell us what you think. Write to us at: pr @