Global Numbers, Great For Lost Luggage, Traveling and International Business

I tend to travel a few times every year which includes at least 1 and usually 2 overseas trips. As most of us have learned the hard way you should always pack extra clothing in your carry on luggage because the airlines lose bags. Sometimes it is only for a few days and sometimes it’s lost forever but we’ve all lost a piece of luggage or know someone who has.

Losing that luggage can ruin a trip or at least cause a lot of lost time. I know someone who was flying overseas for a family event and she lost her luggage with her dress, shoes, purse and everything else she needed for this black tie event. She ended up borrowing clothes from family and going to the mall to shop for everything else she needed. This was all after waiting 5 days for her luggage to arrive, which it finally did the day after the big party.

The sad part of this story was that her luggage was sitting at the airport waiting for her to pick it up but the airline kept calling the phone number they had on file and on the luggage tag but both were her home phone in California.

My solution to this is to put your phone cell phone number and another number in the country you’ll be visiting. The only way to get a number in a foreign country is to purchase a prepaid sim (but you can only do that in person) or get a Global Number from

A Global Number is a local number in a foreign country. So for example if you are visiting England you could get a Global Number that starts with +44 so it’s local in England at only $4.88 per month.

Global Numbers are great for more then just writing it on your luggage tags. Being a local number in England (as an example) business associates, family and friends in England can all call you on your Global Number and it’s local call for them. Many restaurants now need a phone number for reservations. Some hotels even give local only rates for people who have in country phone numbers.

This combined with thew Mobile Office app can really be a great experience. You are able to pick up your voice mail on your mobile phone (from your Global Number as well as your regular number) and dial out from it showing your Global Number on the outgoing caller ID.

Additionally if you want your company to have a global presence and feel you can add a Global Number in any of our supported countries and clients or customers in that country can call a local number and reach you.

Global Numbers are available for many countries around the world. They range from $4.88 to $12.88 a month. To add a Global Number to your account visit or call our award winning customer service at 800-998-7087.