Global Numbers For Those Abroad Calling The US

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What do you do when your company in the US needs to provide customer support for a client in London? Or maybe daily calls from a business partner in Paris?. Or you have a small office in the Netherlands that needs to call your US office but can’t call abroad? These are common issues we hear about on a regular basis. Our world is nearly flat now, meaning distance and some times even time differences are irrelevant in terms of business. Conference calls happen all the time. I was on a conference call a few months back that started at 1am in Los Angeles but made perfect sense to start at 11 in the morning in Finland. Of course I was up and on the call, I was instant messaging with some friends in Europe, India and the US and none of this was amazing at the time. This is a perfect example of a flat planet.

Now if you’re providing customer support to England for something you sell you probably want a local +44 UK number. If you’re business partner lives in Paris but don’t want them to have to call long distance to the US you can set up a local +33 number for them to call but it won’t ring anywhere in France it can ring you at your desk phone, cell phone or any other number you’d like, or all of them. Lastly if your company has just a small office in the US and the main office in Amsterdam you can get a local Dutch +31 number for the main office to call to the US for those daily conference calls and they won’t have to make an international call, it’s just domestic. There is practically an unlimited number of use cases for a local phone number in a foreign country.

My favorite use of a local number is when a friend’s grown son and daughter in law went to England for a 2 week vacation and left the grand kids with my friend, he signed up to get a number in London from so his son could call the kids every day and be the mean parent who tells them to do their homework and go to bed. My friend was so pleased with the service and with the price of only $4.88 per month for the UK number. offers Global Numbers for over 40 countries (as well as iNum – to learn about iNum click here) with options to get numbers from lots of cities in those countries. All the Global Numbers I looked at only cost $4.88/month which in most cases is significantly cheaper then even just a few minute call from a foreign country. So here’s the call to action, if you think this could help your customers, clients, friends or family you owe them at least a look around the Global Numbers section on our website.