Global Numbers, 3-way Calling, Conferencing and so much more…

Millard and Millicent H (not their real names J) run a successful international wine distribution business. Millard is often out on the road in France, Germany, Chile and New-Zealand buying wine. He uses’s Global Numbers and the calling card feature to make business calls using’s reasonable international calling rates.

Millicent uses’s Three Way Calling feature from her IP Phone to connect her, Millard, and their clients so they can all talk together about the best way to fill special requests in real-time, solve problems or schedule deliveries. Recently, one of their best customers tasted a great wine from
Chile at a friend’s home and called Millicent to request that they begin to carry it.

By chance, Chile was the next stop on Millard’s trip. Millicent called Millard and connected a conference call with the customer. They all agreed that it would be worth it for Millard to make a detour to the vineyard, taste the wine himself and buy several dozen cases if he approved. Millicent was in on the conversation from start to finish and faxed the purchase order for the client using her internet fax feature while they were still on the phone.

Once the client hung up, Millicent was able to contact several other clients to see if they, too, were interested in taking cases of the new wine. By the time Millard reached the vineyard, three other clients also agreed to purchase orders for the wine if Millard approved of it. With orders in hand, Millard ended up getting a hundred case discount on the wine, thereby creating a new supply relationship, increasing sales, and their profit margin. By conferencing their calls when Millard is on the road, the business runs more efficiently and costs less to run and all of this can be directly related to services. What a great story